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    Custom puzzles are 11x16 inches (300 pieces)

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    Standard size puzzles are 11x16 inches (300 pieces)
    Wide (panorama) puzzles are 12x36 inches (1,000 pieces)

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Morocco - Blue City walkway

Blue City Stairs

El Porto 252

Lifeguard Tower

Maui Surfs Up 252

Surfboard Fence

Under Pier Wide 252

Under Pier

MB Sunset from South side 252

Pier Sunset - Orange

Manhattan Beach Sunset 252

Pier Sunset -Red

Pier Hermosa Sunset from North Side 252

Pier Sunset - Pink

252 MB 14th

14th Street Tower

252 MB Marine

Marine Street Tower

252 MB 42nd

42nd Street Tower

252 MB 45th

45th Street Tower

Bicycle Sunset 252


Matterhorn 252

Matterhorn, Switzerland

Giraffes Crossing 252


Morocco - Blue City

Morocco - Blue City

Gorilla baby face 252

Baby Gorilla

Elephants Family 252


Lion Lying 252

lioness in tree

Two Lions 252


Steamboat Barn

Steamboat Springs

Puppys 252


Morocco - Blue City home

Blue City Doors

Morocco - Atlas Mountains

High Atlas Mountains

Grand Canyon 252

Grand Canyon

Summer of Color Collection

Summer of Color - LA County

MB Summer of Color Collection

Summer of Color - Manhattan Beach

Hermosa Beach Sunset

Hermosa Beach Pier

Under MB Pier

Under Manhattan Beach Pier

Surf's Up Hawaii

Hawaii Surfboard fence

Manhattan Beach Sunset S

Manhattan Beach Pier - South Side

Manhattan Beach Pier

Manhattan Beach Pier

Manhattan Beach Sunset N

Manhattan Beach Pier - North Side

California Sunset

Manhattan Beach Tower 40

Downtown Los Ageles - Snowy

Downtown Los Angeles