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Sports Photography


Sports Photography


JW Photography is one of the leading youth sports photography companies in Southern California.


Team, Individual, and Action Photography are all available.


Team and Individual photography is staffed based on league size to make sure that teams are photographed efficiently and with the highest quality. We do everything possible to ensure a smooth Photo Day.


Action Sports photography can be either “Live Action” or “Posed Action”


“Live Action” are photographs taken during their game. 5x7 prints, custom posters and gift products are sold to the families of the athletes.


“Posed Action” is action photos taken in a controlled setting. JW puts the athletes through drills while being photographed. The background is dropped out of the photos and a Custom Action Poster is made from up to 7 action images. Gift products such as posters, blankets, mugs, and sports bottles are some of the products available.


Below are samples of our team & Individual photography and our Action photography and posters.

To see a complete list of our Action Photography Posters click here.






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